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VÂN is bedridden. Wandering between reality, memories and dreams, she is trying to record a farewell message for her daughters. She also has a final wish to donate her organs by deceased, but faces struggles from her husband HOÀNG and her father



After the 1968 Mau Than, the war became more urgent and fiercer, the need to supply human and material resources for the southern battlefield became urgent while most of the male truck drivers were sent to all other frontlines. Faced with that situation, the 559th Transport Group Command issued an order to urgently recruit a number of young female volunteers (mainly on supporting duty) to train to become truck drivers for the battlefield. The first female driver platoon was born with the route operating mainly in the West Truong Son. The film's story revolves around 4 characters Chau, Han, Sa, Thuong, who are very young girls, assigned to drive trucks to transport goods, food, necessities from the rear to the front lines and carry wound and sacrificed soldiers from the battlefields to the rear. Each young girl in her twenties, full of energy, came to the battlefield from their own circumstances – some are awkward, but with the same determination, not afraid of hardships, sacrifices, ready to dedicate her youth to the final victory. Witnessing the noble comradeship, the brave spirit of their comrades who accept to sacrifice their lives to complete the mission through the rain of bombs and bullets, the girls have gradually grown up, overcame their own fears to stand side by side on those brutal roads. During the mission, the sacrifices of Han, Thuong, Sa and his brother left great pain for Chau. But with a strong will, Chau continued to go to the battlefield to perform their unfinished mission on the smoky Truong Son roads... Red Dawn is not an epic movie about the war, but about their desire for love and peace of girls in their twenties, in the midst of the brutal war, they are willing to accept sacrifices for those seemingly simple things. The film, produced by Vietnam Film Association in 2021 amid the complicated outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic, won the 22nd Vietnam Film Festival Jury Prize.
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