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Secrets of The Wind (2019)

95min   |   Vietnamese   |  Production: Vietnam Studio | Director: Nguyen Phan Quang Binh

When Mai, an aspiring journalist, moves into a new house in HCM City, she doesn't expect to have to share her new room with a stranger, especially not one from the afterlife. Phong is a 68 - year old spirit in the body of a 17 - year old who guards the house he grew up in, scaring any new residents who try to move in. As Mai's friendship with Phong grows, she starts to recognize her feelings for him. Mai promises to uncover the mysterious cause of his death, and plans to write an article that will immortalize him forever. Along the way, she must decide whether she's strong enough to let him go, and ultimately be brave enough to realize what is truly important in her life.

SECRETS OF THE WIND - Official Trailer
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