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Pham Hoang Nam is a person with a rare savant syndrome in autistic people. Nam has superhuman memory and 3D visualization that gives him a unique ability in the medical profession, but the communication difficulties of autistic people have made it difficult for him. Fortunately, he met Prof. Phuc who taught him the medical profession and directed him to become a doctor at Hanh Phuc Hospital, where he is the director of the institute. Here, Nam meets Hoang - another talented doctor who is also a student of Doctor Phuc - a superstar doctor of the pediatric surgery department, but with a grumpy and arrogant personality. Also, at the Department of Pediatrics, Nam met Doctor Mi, a doctor who is a 2nd year Ph.D. student, Mi often constantly takes care of and guides Nam in the challenging and stressful job of a resident doctor. The whole series is about the dream of becoming a real and excellent doctor Nam and his colleagues.

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